Chronicles of a Parisian Mum

Homeopathy and me, it's a long story. I do not use it enough to cure me, I do not use it enough to treat children. For every day diseases, I use allopathy. For DMARDs, I lean a little more toward this medicine as it seems more healthy.

I was in a good school with a confident mum and my grandfather was a pharmacist/homeopath in Rouen.

So when Delphine and Jennifer asked me to test some preparations from Sevene Pharma, I agreed. In particular I tried "Calmodren" granules to help me sleep and to avoid the nightmares that my grandchildren were having.

You can easily imagine that some have laughed softly (I could even put it in the singular). Then there was surrender when he realized that everyone was sleeping better, we were not awake at night due to the Green Monster invading the blue room of our Prince.

And even at the end of the box, I bought another one!




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