For years it lasts, it's been years since it spoils some of my nights. No, I do not speak for once about my Husband -
the expert in ruining nights - but my legs. 
If you know the feeling of tingling legs, legs that hurt, legs that cut well, you know what I'm talking about (if you do not know, know that I envy you a lot). To give you an idea the pain waked
me up at night regularly. The great Lion knows when I hurt in my sleep because of my wriggling, and he turns his back to me. I started having this problem of heavy legs 24-25 years ago, I remember going to the doctor and that they decreed "you have poor blood circulation." 

From there, I did all the stuff of grandmothers: finish my shower with a jet of cold water on the legs, massaging the bottom to the top, raise the foot of the bed to sleep with a lower head then my feet and honestly nothing has really relieved me.

 I also tested the"classic" veinotonic and there either was no obvious success: a slight improvement but still a pain. Pregnant, it was really painful, then it's back to my normal state. The only advantage is that I have a nursing pillow, so I spent many nights with the pillow under my ankles (for the sexy side of things). All this to say that this pain causes me anxiety. In March Sevene Pharma offered me to test Veinaflor, a homeopathic medicine for the treatment of heavy legs. Quite honestly, homeopathy is not my thing, I'm a scientist and the memory side of the water I do not understand (I know I'm simplifying, however I do not understand). But hey, given my recurrent pain, I've been tempted. So I received the box, I put it on my nightstand and I forgot. Until the day I felt the pain come, and then I tried. Miracle half an hour later, a relief. Coincidence or not, I continued the treatment in case. And so it has been over six weeks since my legs have left me alone: ‚Äč‚Äčnothing, nada, not a pain! When the first box was empty, I ran to buy more at the pharmacy. After testing so many things, I finally found my solution. If you know these problems, do not hesitate to test Veinaflor.

*Translated from the Mimi Moustick blog in France.