Chronicles of a Parisian Mum

Homeopathy and me, it's a long story. I do not use it enough to cure me, I do not use it enough to treat children. For every day diseases, I use allopathy. For DMARDs, I lean a little more toward this medicine as it seems more healthy.

I was in a good school with a confident mum and my grandfather was a pharmacist/homeopath in Rouen.

So when Delphine and Jennifer asked me to test some preparations from Sevene Pharma, I agreed. In particular I tried "Calmodren" granules to help me sleep and to avoid the nightmares that my grandchildren were having.

You can easily imagine that some have laughed softly (I could even put it in the singular). Then there was surrender when he realized that everyone was sleeping better, we were not awake at night due to the Green Monster invading the blue room of our Prince.

And even at the end of the box, I bought another one!




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revisionsInsomnia, nausea, itching, irritability, digestive disorders, and ... yes, you are indeed stressed and it shows! The exams are approaching! But how good will your study be if your body and mind don't support you? Calmodren can help you de-stress - but there are other methods to study that you can learn.


For good study, it is first of all important to be in good condition both mentally and physically. Thus, to learn all of the courses taken during the year, here are some tips.

First, it is best to choose an environment in which you feel good. Each person, depending on their personality, will tend to instinctively move to a place they deem conducive to work. It may be your room, library, coffee shop or a trip to your grandparents house. The most important thing is that you find it suitable. Of course, it may be different to your friends.  But don't worry - we're all different. There is however, one criteria that must be met - functionality.  Indeed, it is advisable to have everything you need available, without having to make return trips every two minutes.

Aside from Christmas, snow, chimney fires or some pocket money, it is well to admit winter is long! I do not hate this season because it is part of the cycle of life but still I try to find things to make it easier until the spring sweetness ...

  • By making the house warm because I spend more time pampering the atmosphere with candles (with fig my favorite perfume), make the inside cozier with rugs, carpets and large cushions.
  • Take the opportunity to rest, to recharge the batteries. I try to be more attentive and slow down the pace a bit. And why not give a little boost with a homeopathic treatment to relax?  This year I was asked to test Calmodren of the Sevene pharma range - an effort to preserve the environment while Calmodren relaxesproviding a brand of natural healthcare solutions. I have always been attracted to homeopathy but do not know much about it.

For years it lasts, it's been years since it spoils some of my nights. No, I do not speak for once about my Husband -
the expert in ruining nights - but my legs. 
If you know the feeling of tingling legs, legs that hurt, legs that cut well, you know what I'm talking about (if you do not know, know that I envy you a lot). To give you an idea the pain waked
me up at night regularly. The great Lion knows when I hurt in my sleep because of my wriggling, and he turns his back to me. I started having this problem of heavy legs 24-25 years ago, I remember going to the doctor and that they decreed "you have poor blood circulation." 

From there, I did all the stuff of grandmothers: finish my shower with a jet of cold water on the legs, massaging the bottom to the top, raise the foot of the bed to sleep with a lower head then my feet and honestly nothing has really relieved me.