revisionsInsomnia, nausea, itching, irritability, digestive disorders, and ... yes, you are indeed stressed and it shows! The exams are approaching! But how good will your study be if your body and mind don't support you? Calmodren can help you de-stress - but there are other methods to study that you can learn.


For good study, it is first of all important to be in good condition both mentally and physically. Thus, to learn all of the courses taken during the year, here are some tips.

First, it is best to choose an environment in which you feel good. Each person, depending on their personality, will tend to instinctively move to a place they deem conducive to work. It may be your room, library, coffee shop or a trip to your grandparents house. The most important thing is that you find it suitable. Of course, it may be different to your friends.  But don't worry - we're all different. There is however, one criteria that must be met - functionality.  Indeed, it is advisable to have everything you need available, without having to make return trips every two minutes.

Then, maintaining a rhythm of hard work is perhaps not the best strategy to adopt. You should take a break. Take a little time to go out, get some fresh air, meet friends, enjoy! The secret of success lies in a perfect balance between intensive sessions, concentration and relaxation. 

In addition, all work is done around memorising. Memory is a skill that needs to be pampered and to constantly re-check how much you are actually remembering. Its proper functioning is very dependent on lifestyle. A person who sleeps well and does not push their biological clock will find it far easier to retain a large amount of data than a person trying at all costs to memorize a text after 9 hours of revision.

Finally, to work effectively, there is only one thing to do: find your own way to learn. While some will reread their notes, others will write summary cards and you'll make other plans as well. Have no fear all of these methods are good. You just have to know which one suits you. To this you add a touch of organization, with of course, a revision schedule ... And voila!


You'll say, all of the above is fine, but when the body does not follow how is it done? You can of course make use of Calmodren - Sevene Pharma's organic remedy against stress and insomnia.

To fight against the minor disturbances of sleep, your emotions and your irritability, CalmodrenĀ® may prove to be the magic potion! This mix of 100% organic plants may allow you to combat the number one enemy of memory: Fatigue.

Thus, Calmodren is the little boost, a little extra stability in your study, that can help you get smiling and confident before you start your exams.

Good luck!