Pharm'Ecologie = the alliance between pharmaceutical quality and the protection of the environment for the health of future generations 

  • A Protected Environment
  • Quality Criteria
  • Sustainable Development
  • Benefits for Health

A Protected Environment

• integrated production process on site : culture, drying, storage, manufacture of plant-based mother tinctures

• preserved site on which there has never been any intensive farming nor chemical input (fallow for 80 years)

• soils of differents types adapted to the specific needs of each plant in a traditional ecosystem (terraced cultures, forests of green oak and chestnut groves)

• plants which are certified « organic »

• non-polluted irrigation water

• rotation of the cultures, use of green fertilizer

• organic compost, compostage of plant waste

Quality Criteria :

• medicinal plants cultivated on site, in the biotope which corresponds best (quality of soils, choice of cultivation terraces according to sunlight exposure and the different needs of the plants, irrigation...)

• respect of natural growth rhythms : this guarantees that the plant has the time necessary for its maturation and the constitution of its active principles

• harvest at maturity : at the moment when the concentration of active principles in the part of the plant which constitutes the drug is optimal

• manual harvesting : no stress for the plant

• immediate treatment of the plants : guarantees the freshness and integrity of the active principles, no oxidation or risk of contamination

• regular analytical control of the plants (traces of chemical residues, bacteriology, heavy metals...)

• natural excipients

Sustainable Development :

• no use of pesticides, herbicides or synthetic chemical products for the culture of plants – in order to protect the soils and water

• no toxic waste during the process of manufacture of the medicinal products

• cold impregnation, rather than heating of the prime materials

• no stress for the environment : small quantities of plants cultivated or harvested, which ensures the continuity of the species

• culture and harvest of the plants close to the laboratory = reduction of emissions of CO2

• a drying-room using solar energy

• a system of micro-irrigation in order to optimize the usage of water

Benefits for Health

• prime materials of exceptional quality

• no synthetic excipients

• no risk of undesirable effets due to chemical residue in the finished product

• products of optimal quality which are adapted to the organism, in harmony with our therapeutic objective : the detoxification of the organism

By creating an alliance between health and preservation of the environment, Sevene Pharma responds to the criteria of sustainable development for harmony between Mankind and the Earth. Preserving the quality of the materials enables the restitution of all their therapeutic potential.

Therapeutic efficiency depends on the quality of the ingredients.