Aside from Christmas, snow, chimney fires or some pocket money, it is well to admit winter is long! I do not hate this season because it is part of the cycle of life but still I try to find things to make it easier until the spring sweetness ...

  • By making the house warm because I spend more time pampering the atmosphere with candles (with fig my favorite perfume), make the inside cozier with rugs, carpets and large cushions.
  • Take the opportunity to rest, to recharge the batteries. I try to be more attentive and slow down the pace a bit. And why not give a little boost with a homeopathic treatment to relax?  This year I was asked to test Calmodren of the Sevene pharma range - an effort to preserve the environment while Calmodren relaxesproviding a brand of natural healthcare solutions. I have always been attracted to homeopathy but do not know much about it. I believe that well-being depends on various external and internal factors. I like this brand because it starts from the respect of the environment. Products used are natural components (their area is based in the heart of the Cevennes) and therefore respect nature and man. In addition it is a simple and undemanding dosage. After some time, I felt more balanced, more in line with a normal rhythm. I do not know how it acted because it is difficult to measure with homeopathy but I thought this was a good alternative and it gave a boost to my body
  • Pamper me inside. It is also a time when there is a lack of light and where there may be more tired, stressed and so nervous. I try to take vitamins with citrus and also vitamin C needed to hold on. And it's also the season of cabbage which is rich in vitamins and antioxidants: Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower romanesco, treat yourself! I also use herbal tea, green tea with almond Kusmi Tea and simple preparations for detoxifying like hot lemon for example. 

 Warm in my duvet with a good book or dressed for the outdoors with a nice sweater and comfortable but fashionable look, and I confronted the winter (long or very long winter ...)

 * Translated from the "These sweet moments" blog in France